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Magic: the Gathering Market Pricing Application

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EchoMTG is for Magic: the Gathering (MTG) Players and Collectors. Magic: the Gathering has a very active card market due to a high volume of users competing for hefty tournament prizes. Cards from the game shift weekly, often daily. EchoMTG MTG captures pricing data of cards to mimic our traditional stock market.

Cards prices fluctuate based on research, usage, and industry news. As this happens EchoMTG keeps tabs on pricing history of each card. With this information price graphs, change percentages, and differences can be formed.

Why was EchoMTG Created?

MTG was my childhood hobby, but I'm more interested in micro markets as an adult. Magic: the Gathering serves as a perfect micro market to run database tests against. With over 25,000 cards, the database EchoMTG MTG will keep growing and the data will allow us to watch the market with little effort.

EchoMTG was created in April of 2012 by ThoughtBomb Studios

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